Australia provides more than an idyllic lifestyle for the elderly with various Government, community support and family orientated programs. Australia boasts an extremely equitable health care system with older Australians being able to have easy access to healthcare through our major programs like the pharmaceutical benefits scheme, hospitals, and various medical practitioners. This usually comes

Looking to take the next step and expand your business into the Asia-Pacific region? With vibrant, diverse communities and the highest standards of living, look no further than applying for a business visa in Brisbane, Australia. Australia is a modern, English-speaking nation situated in the Southern Hemisphere. It is a recognised regional middle power, with

Many of our clients have a destination in mind when they settle in Australia. There is a myriad of reasons from family, work, love or just by chance. Having been based in Brisbane since the start of our business nearly ten years ago, many of our local clients tell our Brisbane migration lawyers and agents

The Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) is a Permanent Residency Visa, which enables Australian employers to nominate highly skilled overseas workers to fill positions that cannot be filled from within the Australian labor market or through the employer’s own training programs. This visa allows you and any family members who have also been granted this visa

Australia is one of the first world countries in the world, which has a very firm and tailor made immigration system. It is economically safe and strong for the Migrants and also attracts investors to expand their business in Australia. So for safe and legal immigration, the government encourages Australian Migration Lawyers. MARA (Migration Agents

Marriage immigration defines that a legal resident living in Australia can bring their fiancé to Australia for their union or for living together. In legal terms this is called a Prospective Marriage Visa (Subclass-300), which will allow the prospect to stay in Australia for a maximum of 9 months with the intention to marry legal

With a vast pool of immigration professionals worldwide, our lawyers and agents at Hunt Migration have the experience, expertise and reliability to provide the highest caliber of immigration services to our clients. We are primarily focused on enhancing the delivery of immigration services to our clients. Our teams of Registered Migration Agents and lawyers strive

Many of us might be planning on coming to Australia or may possibly be already here in Australia on a 417 Working Holiday Visa. This visa is for applicants from select countries who are between 18 and 30 years old and allows the visa holder to enter Australia for up to one year, but the

Many times we are approached by a prospective visa applicant interested in a possible temporary work visa or permanent migration. However they are not able to make a visa application because they do not have a proper occupation. An example would be where someone comes to us with an MBA degree and seeks to migrate.

Hunt Migration is very pleased to announce that we are now offering Free Visa Assessments for all new clients in all our offices, Nation Wide. Hunt Migration is a firm that is focused on the client experience and as such we are always seeking ways to improve the experience each client has with us. What