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The Right Visa To Bring Your Business To Brisbane!

26 Nov 2015 / Amanda Wu

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The Right Visa To Bring Your Business To Brisbane!

Looking to take the next step and expand your business into the Asia-Pacific region? With vibrant, diverse communities and the highest standards of living, look no further than applying for a business visa in Brisbane, Australia.

Australia is a modern, English-speaking nation situated in the Southern Hemisphere. It is a recognised regional middle power, with strong connections to its Asian neighbours, such as China, Indonesia, Singapore and Japan, as well as its Western allies. These connections include direct trade links to the United States, as well as the European Union. By making the decision to expand your business into Australia, you are not only accessing the Australian market, you are accessing a portal to the rest of the world.

Furthermore, as a democracy, Australia is a peaceful and secure country. If you apply for a business visa to Australia, you can be assured that you are applying to a country that will not have its market stagnated and distorted by gross corruption and other criminal activities. Australia, as shown by Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index, is one of the least corrupt countries in the world, and is.

Australia also has an established legal system that promotes equality and justice for all, regardless of who you are. By expanding into Australia, you can be sure that your legal interests will be adequately protected and that your assets will be secure. In Australia, there is a streamlined consumer law which clearly marks out your business’ obligations to consumers, as well as a well-established area of corporate law relating to companies.

Brisbane itself is a fast-growing business hub, and is parallel to the likes of Sydney and Melbourne in its capacity to propel your business forward. In addition to all the beautiful weather, by expanding your business into Brisbane, you are not only directly accessing a population of 2 million people, you are also setting up your business with less competition than Sydney or Melbourne. The choice to apply for a business visa in Brisbane is thus more risk-free.

Business aside, Brisbane is a premium location to reside in. Not only is there sunshine allyear round, Brisbane residents will attest to the quality lifestyle here. The pace of living is quick enough to keep you on your toes, yet slow enough to help you or your staff relax and develop a healthy work-life balance. With quiet suburban living available, bringing your family over will be a beneficial choice for them, too. Brisbane is home to various recognised educational facilities, ranging from primary to tertiary levels, so your kids will readily be able to participate in a quality education that promotes growing and supporting your child to reach their full potential. Not only will your children obtain native English skills, they will have access to a variety of academic and extra-curricular activities such as sport and music programs. Furthermore, the Brisbane City Council actively builds public facilities for everyone’s enjoyment. In Brisbane, libraries, parks and gardens are always available for a nice afternoon picnic or a weekend learning experience with the family.

So if you are looking for a stable, secure, modern, well-paced location in the Asia-Pacific Region to expand your business into, there are fewer places more suitable than Brisbane. As it continues to expand and grow, applying for a business visa in Brisbane is not only the next logical step for your business, but also for yourself.

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