Lodge Your Own Visa

With Guidance from Experts

Simply return the DIY Client Service Agreement and our team will contact you to set you up with access to the Client Portal and to book your initial prospects appointment and you application review appointment.  We will supply you with a comprehensive document check list so prior to the appointment you can simply upload the documents you wish to discuss and then simply call us at the allocated time for your consultation. We will go through your application and all supporting documents.


Why Choose the Application Review Appointment?

Almost all people who decide to lodge their own Australian visa have encountered the problem of looking for accurate answers to specific questions from credible sources. Especially when current visa policies are getting stricter, some visa categories don’t accept another visa application if the initial one get refused. This is why it is important to get your visa application lodged accurately the first time around. 

One of our experienced migration experts will take time to review the files submitted ahead of the appointment that you wish to discuss. During the review appointment, you will receive a detailed discussion and analysis on any material you submitted previously. With professional answers from migration agents to your specific questions, your chance of getting your visa application lodged accurately the first time around will be greatly increased. 

How much does the DIY Service Cost?

That depends on the amount of material to be review and the type of application. We charge $500 / hr plus gst and generally a full application review can be performed within 1 hour.

Update Your Documents for Review

In our secure client portal you can upload your application and any supporting documents you wish to discuss with your migration professional during the appointment.

About Us

Hunt Migration is recognised by the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) and is one of the most trusted migration agencies in Australia. Hunt Migration understands that your decision to migrate has a huge impact on your life, so let this professional team take care of your visa application and prepare it correctly the first time around.

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