Whilst all the media seems to be around the English Language requirements for Partner visas, another announcement in the budget is a relaxation of the earnings requirements for NZ Citizens wanting to obtain permanent residency with a subclass 189 visa. Previously applicants were required to prove minimum earnings of ($53,900) per annum for the last

We are currently analysing the full detail of the Federal Governments recent announcing released with the budget. Here is a quick summary of what we know so far. No English Language requirement will be associated with a subclass 300, 309 or 820 application. So the new requirements will not delay first stage processing and couples

Current labour market testing (LMT) requirements have been enhanced to ensure that Australian workers are prioritised for job opportunities in Australia. The existing instrument LIN 18/036: Period, manner and evidence of labour market testing has been amended to reflect these enhancements. The amending instrument can be found on the Federal Register of Legislation. As a

Most Australian visas carry with them health requirements. You can check to see if a visa carries a health requirement by looking at the PICs associated with the visa. Public Interest Criteria All visa are subject to PIC 4005, and/or 4007. ETAs and E-visitor visas are subject to 8527 – Free from TB PIC 4005:

We hope this newsletter finds you and your family safe and well. We are receiving considerable enquiry about who is or is not able to access Medicare. Given the current health crisis this is an extremely important question. Reciprocal Arrangements Firstly if you are from and of the following countries you may have reciprocal entitlements.

Visas and the Corona Virus

Purchasing Property as a Foreign Resident I have recently received a lot of enquiry about the purchase of property in Australian when you are not a permanent resident or citizen. I thought I would share with you some advice from Youeil Shol from Time Home Loans about Foreign Acquirer Duty. I have been referring clients

With Partner Visas becoming more and more expensive to file, many clients are considering filing their own application?  Unfortunately partner visas can be a lot more complex than many expect and problems can arise. To address this Hunt Migration is offering a new Full D.I.Y visa service starting in August 2019.  For $500 plus gst

The Migration Amendment (Family Violence and Other Measures) Bill 2016, passed by Parliament on 28 November 2018, will provide a framework to separate sponsorship assessments from visa application assessments for Family visas. The separate sponsorship framework will first be implemented in the new Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa which will be open for sponsorship applications from

The ‘Migration Amendment (Family Violence and Other Measures) Bill 2016’ received assent just before Christmas and this has implications for all visa applicants wanting to apply for family sponsored visas. Like some employer sponsored visas, the amendments to the family visa program are designed to ensure that a sponsor is first vetted and approved to