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Migrating to Brisbane? Here are a few reasons you’ll fall in love with it!

13 Nov 2015 / Amanda Wu

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Migrating to Brisbane? Here are a few reasons you’ll fall in love with it!

Many of our clients have a destination in mind when they settle in Australia. There is a myriad of reasons from family, work, love or just by chance.

Having been based in Brisbane since the start of our business nearly ten years ago, many of our local clients tell our Brisbane migration lawyers and agents that no matter what the reason was that they first moved here, they eventually fall in love with the city and would not wish to live anywhere else.

Brisbane has recorded the highest percentage rate of population growth of all Australian capital cities every year since 1990. Brisbane’s unique architecture, riverfront setting, perfect climate, cultural diversity and unrivalled employment growth make it one of the most attractive cities to live in on almost any angle.

If you’ve lived in the major capital cities in Australia, you will hear or be involved in an active debate about which city is the best. It’s not uncommon to hear “Brisbanites”, themselves, making disparaging remarks about the River City, and comparing it unfavourably to the big smokes down south, but deep down even they love it. Sure, the New South Wales and Victorian capitals are grand, but there is plenty to be proud about in our own metropolis.

Talking to our Migration Lawyers based in Brisbane who have moved up from Melbourne they would quickly respond to this topic by telling you how the weather is better, there’s less traffic and people are generally nicer.

Digging into this more, you will be told other quirky reasons such as ‘the free river cruise/ sightseeing offered by CityCat’; ‘Syd-Vegas and Melb-Vegas sound ridiculous’; ‘At Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary you are allowed to hold the koalas, unlike elsewhere where the practice is no longer permitted; the mysterious Stefan’s Needle in Westend that keeps everyone guessing as to whether it is a remnant of an alien encounter. Also the hotter weather means gardening is easier even if you don’t have a green-thumb.

Many clients tell us Brisbane’s strategic location means that not only is there employment security settling in one of the most liveable cities in the world, you are also driving distance from many scenic locations where you can fill your weekends with leisurely activities.

All in all, long term residents of the city will tell you that Brisbane is an easy city that has changed considerably, especially in the last few years. It is now considered new cosmopolitan and truly a world city in the making.

No matter where you are or where you’d like to consider as your destination in Australia, talk to one of our Migration lawyers in Brisbane or elsewhere to discuss how we can help you with your decision making. Our migration agents and lawyers will share their personal experiences and help you not only in resolving your visa issues but also any ancillary issues. We hope to be by your side as you migrate and settle in Australia.