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Bringing your parents to Australia? Let us help with the Visa.

14 Dec 2015 / Inna Feldmann

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Bringing your parents to Australia? Let us help with the Visa.

Australia provides more than an idyllic lifestyle for the elderly with various Government, community support and family orientated programs.

Australia boasts an extremely equitable health care system with older Australians being able to have easy access to healthcare through our major programs like the pharmaceutical benefits scheme, hospitals, and various medical practitioners. This usually comes at a very minimal cost, and at times no cost at all. Additionally, private health schemes ensure that the elderly are charged a much lower premium.

The Department of Human Services also provides various programs when it comes to healthcare. Medicare is able to assist by providing subsidised or free treatment by a number of providers. At certain times, accommodation will also be available. Where private health insurance is concerned, the Australian Government’s private health insurance rebate can also assist with the premiums that are paid out of pocket.

Various other payments are also available to older Australians to assist with their living expenses, for example the Age pension which provides financial support and concessions for older Australians. If an Australian resident is over 65, dependant on income and assets, a calculation of an age pension can be made. Where this pension is available, assistance can also be received towards household costs.

In addition to the Government support in place, various other non-governmental organisations like charities and aged care facilities provide much needed care, services and assistance for the elderly residing in Australia.

If you are then looking to bring your parents to live with you in Australia, or are a parent yourself with children who are residents here, a number of different visas are available.

Where the parent is sponsored, is able to satisfy the criteria for and character and health requirements, the parent, contributory parent (temporary), and contributory parent visas will be available. However an age requirement will have to be met where parents are applying for the Aged Parent Visa (Subclass 804). All applications must be made offshore, with the exceptions of the aged parent and permanent contributory parent visa categories.

Where you would like the visa to have a shorter processing time, the contributory parent category should be considered. These visas are processed within a much shorter timeframe in comparison to the Parent category visas, namely due to the higher processing fees required to show a contribution to ongoing health costs.

To be eligible, 50% of the applicant’s children must be permanently residing in Australia, with the sponsoring child being a citizen, permanent resident, or an eligible New Zealand citizen.

However, where neither of these visa categories will be suitable, there are alternatives that may be available. For those who are single, widowed and aged, the Aged Dependent Relative Visa may be suitable, or alternatively a Visitor Visa, which is a multiple entry visa available for either 3 or 5 years.

The team at Hunt Migration are highly experienced in various fields of migration law, and will be more than happy to assist in finding the right visa for you. With well trained migration agents and lawyers who are dedicated to providing you with quality services, you can be assured that your needs will be met and that you will be well looked after in your decision to migrate.

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