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Why the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) matters

18 Sep 2015 / Inna Feldmann

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Why the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) matters

Australia is one of the first world countries in the world, which has a very firm and tailor made immigration system. It is economically safe and strong for the Migrants and also attracts investors to expand their business in Australia. So for safe and legal immigration, the government encourages Australian Migration Lawyers. MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority) agents, actually means they are legally authorised to file any visa application to Australian immigration department whereby they have legal rights to represent the client’s case to the immigration authority. They have the authority to file a petition for review which is legally called as MRT (Migration review Tribunal). This is to request the department to review the application. The office of MARA is an office of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection based in Sydney.

They administer a Comprehensive regulatory framework, including relevant provisions of the migration Act 1958. There main objectives are:

➢ To explain to a client their rights and the process involved in immigration. ➢ Registered migration agents understand their obligations towards the case. ➢ Only suitable people are registered as agents and then unsuitable people are refused registration or re-registration. ➢ Agents maintain the knowledge and skills needed to provide accurate and timely advice to their clients. ➢ Agents are monitored for integrity of conduct and quality of immigration services. ➢ Clients of registered or formerly registered agents have an effective way to escalate the proceedings and possible outcomes of the case. ➢ MARA agents handle complaints efficiently.

MARA Agents have been undertaken by Australian Government:

Before 1st July 2009, the Office of MARA agents was a division of The Migration Institute of Australia Limited, a professional association of migration agents in Australia. Later, the institute was appointed by the Australian Government under a statutory self-regulation scheme from March 1998 to June 2009.

Merits of appointing a MARA agent:

Quality client service is important to the office of MARA and their goal is to provide you with the excellent service. Their service standard describes the standard of client service they aim to deliver to their clients:

➢ Treat you with courtesy and respect. ➢ Provide you with clear, accurate and relevant information. ➢ Provide you with the accessible information. ➢ Give prompt and responsive services. ➢ Inform you of your rights, obligations and entitlements. ➢ Act impartially and fairly in the services they provide.

Financial Benefits of appointing a MARA agents to the client.

Migration consultants are obligate to refund 100% of their service fee along with the department of immigration’s fees (in some circumstances) if they fail to adhere to the guidelines involving the lodgment of an application.

When processing a complaint against Mara agent, the department:

➢ Will acknowledge receipt of a complaint within two business days. ➢ Advice on their decision on a complaint with in one day of making the decision, explaining their findings, the reasons for their decision and options available if there is disagreement with their decision. ➢ Aim to finalize 75% of complaints within six months. ➢ Aim to finalize 90% of complaints within twelve months. ➢ They always try to finalize all complaints classified as complex within 24 months, unless there are exceptional cases.

The above statement concludes that they are more reliable, trustworthy and legal practitioner with all the rights to provide physical and financial securities to the application. Appointing a Mara agent, not only safeguards your application, it covers all the investment done for the prospects.

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