Hunt Migration is a full service migration legal business. We are Lawyers and Agents and as such have a right of appearance in every tribunal and court in Australia. Not only do we assist with the initial migration application, but we can assist with reviewing a declined application or unfavourable decision.

There are different distinct types of way to review a migration decision:

It is important to note that there are strict time limits for making applications for a visa review, a judical appeal or application for ministerial intervention. The time limit will depend on the decision which is being challenged but for all decisions these time limits are relatively short. The cost of lodging a review application is also relatively costly, so we would recommend anyone seeking to challenge a decision to seek professional advice immediately.

For this process to occur relatively smoothly, it is recommended (but not required) that you utilise a qualified and experienced migration lawyer, as this can improve your chances of a positive outcome.

This article contains information about the Review Tribunals, courts and Ministerial Intervention. The information in this article is intended as introductory information only and is no substitute for legal advice. If you have a migration matter or are after legal advice on how to contest a visa decision please contact Hunt Migration immediately.