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The importance of correct education and work pathways for skilled visas

28 Jul 2015 / Inna Feldmann

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The importance of correct education and work pathways for skilled visas

Many times we are approached by a prospective visa applicant interested in a possible temporary work visa or permanent migration. However they are not able to make a visa application because they do not have a proper occupation. An example would be where someone comes to us with an MBA degree and seeks to migrate. Unfortunately an MBA degree is not an “occupation”. We commonly see many international students who are completing an MBA in the hopes that this will lead to permanent migration.

Another common problem is where a person has studied for a particular profession but is working in another unrelated field. An example of this would be a science graduate working in a bank.

It is important to plan your education pathway so that you study, complete and graduate in a qualification which is listed on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) if you are thinking of permanent independent skilled migration or a qualification on the Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL) if you are planning on applying for a visa which requires employer, state or regional nomination.

The immigration law team at Hunt Migration can discuss and plan your migration pathway based on the skilled occupation lists to ensure you are on the right pathway.

Work experience is also very important for migration and work visas. For permanent migration, the amount of work experience in your occupation will increase your points and therefore chance of meeting the points mark. For temporary work visas, your work experience in your occupation can help you meet the minimum skill level and also show that you have the experience to perform in the position your employer has nominated you.

The team at Hunt Migration can also advise you on the value of your work experience and related field experience which is accepted by immigration for visa applications.

Often we meet prospective visa applicants who have not had the proper guidance, counselling and direction to ensure they have studied in a course leading to an occupation on an appropriate occupation list. These people have spent tens of thousands of dollars on wrong courses and many wasted years with no pathway for a visa or proper skill for them to take back home.

Hunt Migration has the skill and experience to assist and advise you in planning your correct education pathway. Our team can match you with professional educational consultants and our migration lawyers to ensure you have planned your future. From thereon we can assist with all your student visa and post study visa needs.

Contact Hunt Migration today to meet with our immigration lawyer in Melbourne for a free consultation.

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