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Marriage Immigration in Australia

3 Sep 2015 / Inna Feldmann

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Marriage Immigration in Australia

Marriage immigration defines that a legal resident living in Australia can bring their fiancé to Australia for their union or for living together. In legal terms this is called a Prospective Marriage Visa (Subclass-300), which will allow the prospect to stay in Australia for a maximum of 9 months with the intention to marry legal residents and stay in Australia.

Prospective marriage visa is for a person residing outside Australia and whose fiancé is a legal resident of Australia. The following 2 words defines the relationship and legal meaning which will be commonly used as under.

Sponsor/Legal resident: Any person who has a legal right to stay in Australia and who is also a citizen of Australia, a permanent resident of Australia or an eligible New Zealand citizen. And the sponsor should be at least 18 years of age.

Primary Applicant (PA): Any person who is not a legal resident of Australia and trying to marry a legal resident of Australia.

Prospective marriage visa will provide the following benefits to the PA.

• Can enter into Australia before their marriage and can stay in Australia for a period of 9months; • Can travel to and fro; • Can study in Australia with the self-funding, no access to government funding; • Can work if the employer accepts and • Apply for a partner visa after marriage (Onshore or Offshore).

Before applying for prospective marriage visa both sponsor and PA should meet the following requirements and should provide evidence that they,

• Should have met at least once when they turned adults. • Should prove that both are in relationship (at least 6months old) and intention to marry (proposed dates and plan). • Sponsor should prove that he is legal resident of Australia and has got sufficient funds. • PA should provide her legal documents.

Prospective marriage visa will require the complete set of documents mentioned below:

• Application (details of PA) and • Sponsorship (details of Sponsor).

Once the prospective marriage visa is granted the PA and sponsor, they will get a time period of 9 months to get married and apply for partner visa. They can get marry in Australia or outside the Australia as per the legal procedure. After the marriage PA can apply for permanent partner visa (Onshore or Offshore).

Marriage immigration will facilitates the couples to stay together before their marriage for a shorter period so that they can plan and get marry within 9 months. This will also provide ample opportunities to understand each other better before their marriage.

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