Visa and the Corona Virus

17 Mar 2020 / Ken Hunt

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Visa and the Corona Virus

Hello to all our clients around Australia and the World.

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus impact around the globe I wanted to touch base to ensure that even in the current circumstances considered decisions are being made around visas, as we have seen a rush of enquiries with clients making panicked decisions around their applications.

It is important to note that it is essentially business as usual for the Department of Home Affairs. Whilst there are travel restrictions in place for certain travellers, the Department will continue to process applications as per the usual service standards. The Department of Home Affairs expects foreigners to maintain a lawful status whilst in Australia and overstaying visas for the purpose of avoiding the virus will have the usual implications.

All citizens and permanent residents (and their dependents) can enter Australia as per usual but will be subject to self isolation for 14 days. A full outline of the current restrictions can be found at

In Australia with an expiring Visa

In order to maintain your lawful status in Australia there are various strategies that can be employed in order to remain. The first of course is to file another substantive visa application triggering a bridging visa prior to the grant of the new visa. Even if a refusal was to occur for any reason, the possibility of a review remains for onshore applications which was prolong the stay in Australia and maintain your status. These strategies may of course of implications on work rights and future applications and we encourage our clients to take advice before filing any application.

Professional Fee Assistance

As many would find themselves in a situation of having to make a visa application that was not currently planned nor budgeted for, we are offering all professional fees over 20 or 40 weeks depending on the application (conditions apply). This offer is made to all individual clients regardless of the type of application in order to assist with the financial burden. This offer is currently open until the last day of March 2020 and will be reviewed at that time against the current global emergency.

Due to the sheer volume of current enquiry we are now imposing a $100 (inc of gst) fee on all appointments in order to retain further staff to assist. This does not apply to our current clients or their referrals.

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