With the overwhelming success of our recent promotions Hunt Migration is now extending the capped visa offers further. Make an appointment at any Hunt Migration office prior to Friday 17 April and have your Partner visa application professionally managed by a highly experienced immigration lawyer at Hunt Migration with your professional fees capped at $2000

In Perth today for work, and dining in the hotel restaurant as I am regularly required to do. I look around and again am not surprised to see that most of the hospitality staff are from beyond the borders of Australia. Chefs, waiters, bar staff etc, all new Australians doing their best to be productive

A new pilot programme has recently been launched with the purpose to facilitate the process of obtaining an Australian visa for Indians who are entering the continent for work or travel purposes. The online programme covers a subclass of 600 visas for Indian business applicants or those who seek to come as tourists. Australia’s Trade

Australia’s immigration rules that apply to residents from New Zealand may be changing in the near future. Migration usually means a better life for most people, but the immigration rules in Australia have put many residents at a disadvantage. John Key is the Prime Minister of New Zealand. He has talked about the issues facing

With restaurant and takeaway food venue growth expected to increase by more than 8 percent over the next three years, Restaurant & Catering Australia has successfully lobbied to get chefs added to the country’s Skilled Occupation List (SOL) as of July 1. John Hart, CEO of Restaurant & Catering Australia, echoed the relief felt by