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Why You Should Move to Australia

11 Nov 2016 / Inna Feldmann

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Why You Should Move to Australia

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America, we’ve heard your call for help and we, here in Australia, are answering with arms wide open. After the election results closed just days ago and the world saw Trump take victory, an unusual spike in search traffic for a number of terms occurred. As you were probably aware, the official Immigration website for Canada crashed in the hours leading up to and after the election. This was due to a spike in traffic that the server could not handle. The trend followed with spikes in the terms “move to New Zealand” and “move to Australia” in hours following the election too. Particularly in Arizona, Utah and Kentucky it seems, the desire to learn more about moving to Australia has become clear. The data below is relating to the rise in the search term ‘move to Australia’: If you’re interested in joining the 90,000 other US-born individuals living in Australia, now’s a better time than ever before. You never who might join you, especially given that MIley Cyrus, Ne-YO, Cher, Stephen King, Samuel L Jackson and Whoopi Goldberg are all in the market for a new country to live in too! To help you with your big decision, we’ve listed our top 10 reasons for why you should call Australia home:
  1. We’re a relaxed version of the U.S. – our work hours are shorter on average and we have double the amount of annual leave.
  2. We have jobs available – Australia is renowned for it’s low unemployment rate and high rate of business and economic growth. You can come over on a skilled visa to make the most of both work and play!
  3. We have the GBR – also known as the Great Barrier Reef, and it’s nothing short of breathtaking. The best part is that even from the furthest away point in Australia from the reef, it still only a short flight away.
  4. We have other amazing landmarks too – Uluru, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the snowy mountains, the spectacular eastern coastline are just a few.
  5. Your quality of life will be high – almost everywhere you go in Australia you’ll experience vast natural landscapes, fresh air, vibrant cities, low pollution, countless beaches and more.
  6. It’s balmy and never too cold – Australia has a fantastic climate all year around. In Winter it never gets as cold as it does in the U.S. and in Summer you’ll be able to relax with a cold drink by the pool or at the beach.
  7. Beaches – we have some of the nicest, cleanest, crowd-free and picturesque beaches in the world right on our doorstep. To be more precise, we actually have 10,685 of them.
  8. Snags, MEAT pies, vegemite and more – pies with meat and not fruit might sound crazy but you just wait until you try it. We have a number of unique and delicious delicacies for you to discover down under.
  9. We have great study opportunities – our universities are very welcoming to students from abroad with more than 22,000 courses to choose from between 1,200 institutions.
  10. It’s a beautiful place to be – there are sunsets like no other, beaches with crystal clear water, delicious food and drinks available no matter where you go and a vast amount of unspoiled nature to explore.
If moving to Australia sounds like something you might be interested in, it is exactly what we can help you to achieve! Hunt Migration are Australia’s leading immigration agents and are here to provide you with all of the information, support and assistance you need in successfully receiving a visa to live and/or work in this beautiful country we call home. For more information or to have a chat with one of our friendly migration agents, please contact us using the enquiry form at the bottom of the page.
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